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Improving the Safety and Efficiency of Your Offshore Operations.


  • For all types of cranes

  • Optimum visibility for operator

  • Maximum comfort (noise, ergonomics, climate)

  • Fully integrated with seat and consoles

  • Customised design


The operator cabine or room is designed and manufacturered with the safety, comfort and optimum working conditions for the operator in mind.


The cabin does not only provide a comfortable seat, a pleasant temperature and clean air, but it is also designed to reduce fatigue, concentration problems and to minimise chronic neck and back problems. Every feature in the cabins counts: optimal visibility, clean air and responsible sound and vibration levels.


By paying attention to every detail and every specific wish, operators are enabled to work with greater enjoyment and efficiency. This results in a decrease of absence due to illness and into a higher operator productivity.


CONTAINER UNITS & Crew Support Cabins

We build all sorts of special build containers.

From small offices to living accommodations, minor adjustments to Lloyds and DNV certified adjustments.


What makes us special compared with the other special container providers is that we can deliver your special build container on a short notice, which can be build according to DNV 2.7-1 standards. We can also paint the cabins with a special 3-layer offshore approved coating.


If you are curious to learn more about our solutions for you demands, feel free to contact us.

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